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Town of Washington

Planning Committee Meeting 10-3-07


Meeting called to order 6:05PM


Present: Dan Korn, Dave Hilby, Ron Black, Tom Filla, Michael Hundt, Don Koenen and Peter Fletcher.


Motion from Dan Korn to accept meetings as printed, seconded by Dave Hilby.


Dan Korn reported that we need to report our expenses accrued prior to Peter Fletcher becoming involved.  Charlie Handy reportedly has a form that we need to keep up to date quarterly.


Discussion with Peter Fletcher about the Land Use Element and its Goals.

-          Discussed the Slope requirement goal and agreed to accept the recommendations of Slope Limitations.

-          Discussion on Impact Statements and if they are needed.  Agreed we needed to address this with any potential developments however that may be defined.


Land Use Map Discussion

-          Discussion about Peter coming up with some language to address potential developments from land-locking neighboring property owners, Committee encouraged him to do so.

-           Discussion about Density Based Zoning and the concern of loss of control of Town over larger landowners to create developments.

-          Long discussion on where the areas we would encourage housing make the most sense.

-          Committee felt most development pressure is going to come from the west.

-          Committee agreed to try and maintain the rural character of the Hwy 33 corridor by encouraging potential developments to be clustered off of Hwy 33.

-          Agreed to utilize the map drafted by the committee members for the draft plan.


Transportation Element Discussion

-          Short discussion on driveways and emergency access.


Economic Development Discussion

-          Discussion on potential of wind farms and the need to address. 


Utilities and Community Facilities Element Discussion

-          Short discussion on Town Shop facilities and salt/fuel storage. 


Intergovernmental Cooperation Discussion

-          Peter asked us to review these elements for accuracy.

-          Tom directed committee members to review these elements within one week. 


Other Business

-          Mr. Weber asked if draft plan will be posted on the County website, and if comments on Intergovernmental Cooperation Discussion will be public record.  Also asked if number if building permits in proposed corridors were made aware to the committee members.

-          Jon Ellefson questioned the land to designated green space.  Also questioned the loss of control with Density Based proposal.  Encouraged more public notice.  Asked that any correspondence between committee members be added to the minutes.  

-          Patti Schermerhorn asked about slope requirements.

-          Tom Arentz requested copies of the Nine Elements.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:50PM


Next Meeting set for November 8th, 2007 at 6:00PM.


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