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The Town of Farmington cares for four public cemeteries.


Farmington, the largest, is located on County Road D, west of Mindoro.


Wet Coulee, located on Christianson Road, off of Amundson Road on County Road C south of County Road DE. La Crosse County’s only recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, Stanley Christianson is buried here.


Black Oak is located on Perkins Road, between County Roads V V and Q.


Burr Oak is located on State Road 108 southwest of Burr Oak.


Farmington’s cemeteries are managed by Sarah Pfaff (608)857-3927.


There are two active private cemeteries in the town, Christ Lutheran, also known as Burr Oak Lutheran at the intersection of County Roads A and C, and Lewis Valley Lutheran at the intersection of County Roads T and V.


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