The La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department provides 24-hour coverage year round to the community.  The Patrol Division’s responsibilities are to enforce all federal, state and local laws to include traffic violations.  In addition to responding to calls for service, we also assist area fire departments, 1st responders and ambulance services.  Some of our deputies also spend time in our local schools as DARE and GREAT instructors.




Meet "Cliff"

our K-9 Deputy


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Dan Baudek & Jim Page

presented an award

from Senator Herb Kohl


Captain Michael Horstman
Sgt. James Jacobson
Sgt. Bill Lubinski
Sgt. Larry Robinson
Sgt. Michael Valencia
Sgt. Brian Wierzbicki
Deputy Richard Amundsen
Deputy Joseph Anderson
Deputy Kevin Bauer
Deputy Cody Bernhardt
Deputy Timothy Devine
Deputy Megan Hartman
Deputy Richard Jeske
Deputy Joseph Kernin
Deputy Melissa LeQue
Deputy Patricia Meoska
Deputy Jeff Neitzke
Deputy Mark Patterson
Deputy Brandon Penzkover
Deputy Marte Peterson
Deputy Bud Powell
Deputy Daren Schieldt
Deputy Scott Sedevie
Deputy Peter Sloan
Deputy Dean Sorenson
Deputy Brandon Stoughtenger
Deputy Jordan Stratman
Deputy John Williams
Deputy Erich Zwicker