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2011 La Crosse County Awards Ceremony

Friday, May 13, 2011      


           Sheriff Steve Helgeson                                                 Chief Deputy Jeff Wolf










Jack Sobotta

Citizen Appreciation Award


This award is presented to a citizen in recognition for outstanding service to the department in law enforcement efforts.


Since 1982, Jack Sobotta has volunteered his time serving the La Crosse County Jail Ministry Program.  For nearly 30 years, Jack has offered his faith-based ministry to the men incarcerated in the county jail serving as a compassionate ear for them.  His dedication and passion is truly appreciated and is deserving of recognition.




Bangor Middle School Leadership Club

Citizen Appreciation Award


This award is presented to a community organization in recognition for their outstanding service to the Sheriff’s Department in their law enforcement efforts.


In 2010, the Bangor Middle School Leadership Club held several fundraising events for the purpose of donating the proceeds to the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department’s K-9 unit.  The Leadership Club raised over $4000 which was used to purchase a new K-9 in anticipation of the retirement of our K-9 Cliff.  The hard work of these students is truly appreciated and they shall be recognized for this gracious donation of their time and funds.


Timothy Anderson, John Tellier,
Andrew Berg and Luke Frisch

Citizen Appreciation Award


This award is presented to a citizen or citizens who save a life, prevent great bodily harm to another or for exemplary performance in aiding law enforcement. 


On Thursday, April 22nd, 2010, a motor vehicle accident occurred on STH 35 near Goose Island County Park.  A car crossed the center line and was struck by a semi.  As a result of the crash, the fuel tanks on the semi burst into flames and caught the car on fire.   These four individuals immediately came to the aid of the passenger who was still in the car and pulled her to safety.  These individuals shall be recognized for
                                                                    their exemplary performance in aiding law enforcement and
                                                                    saving the life of another.


Deputy Thomas J. Sherwin

Career Achievement Award


This award is presented to a Department member for their continuous long-term exemplary performance and outstanding service to the community and the department.

 In recognition of nearly 27 years of dedicated service to the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department and to the citizens of La Crosse County.  Your commitment is truly appreciated and deserving of acknowledgment from the Department.








                                                             Deputy Daren R. Schieldt

Certificate of Commendation


This award is presented to a department member for an outstanding act that brings credit to the department and is recognized by other employees as an act which shows exceptional professional skill where they have displayed unusual initiative and exceptional energy.


In 2010, Deputy Schieldt took it upon himself to raise funds to purchase AED’s for all of the Departments patrol vehicles.  In coordination with several other local foundations, Deputy Schieldt helped coordinate and organize several events in the Coulee Region to raise the funds needed for this much needed life saving equipment.  Deputy Schieldt’s passion and initiative is recognized by the department for going above and beyond in his duties.


Eric Faas, Annie Corcoran and Tonya DeLap

Certificate of Commendation 


This award is presented to a department member for exceptional professional skill in the performance of their work involving a duty of great responsibility where they have displayed exceptional energy.


In August of 2009, Jailers Annie Corcoran, Tonya DeLap, and Eric Faas volunteered to be on the jail Transition Team to assist in the building of the new jail facility.  These three individuals dedicated themselves to the project and immersed themselves in every aspect of the construction project.  They became the well respected experts representing our Department.  The work of
these individuals shall be recognized for their exceptional

professional skills, abilities, initiative and dedication to their jobs.



Deputy Peter J. Sloan

Life Saving Award


This award is given to a department member for an act, on or off duty, through disregard of personal safety or prompt and alert action resulting in saving or significantly prolonging the life of another.


On February 1st, 2011, Deputy Sloan and Officer Kingery of the Onalaska Police Department located a set of fresh footprints in the snow travelling through an open field towards a bluff.  Realizing that this was out of the ordinary, these officers followed the tracks for nearly a half-mile at which time they discovered a despondent, intoxicated individual who had consumed prescription medication to take his own life.  The personal initiative

                                                                 and instincts of Deputy Sloan resulted in saving the life of


                                                                            Deputy Daniel P. Baudek

                                                                                       Medal of Honor


This award is the highest award given to a department member.  The award is presented for performing an outstanding act of bravery or heroism on or off duty.  Demonstrated unselfishness, courage, and the immediate high risk of death or serious physical injury would characterize such an act. 


On March 29th, 2010, Deputy Baudek responded to a stabbing incident at a residence in which the suspect set the garage and house on fire.  Deputy Baudek and Officer Page of the Onalaska Police Department entered the smoke-filled residence and removed two children from a basement bedroom.  After clearing the residence and saving two dogs inside, the officers confronted an
agitated suspect armed with a knife.  Using non-deadly and
deadly force, these officers took the suspect into custody after
their own lives were in danger. 


For his outstanding act of bravery and heroism while          demonstrating courage while in the immediate high risk of
death or serious physical injury, this performance is an act
deserving of recognition.