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Emergency Response Team (ERT)


The La Crosse County Emergency Response Team (E.R.T.) is an on-call tactical unit that currently consists of 15 sworn law enforcement officers, 4 negotiators and 2 medical professionals.  Team members are experienced deputies and officers from the La Crosse County Sheriff's Office and the Onalaska Police Department.  E.R.T. members are trained at an extremely high level to provide safe and efficient resolutions to emergency situations.  The team consists of medical professionals, crisis negotiators, supervisors, K-9 handlers, investigators, and instructors.  Team members train 16 hours a month to maintain a high level of skill and discipline.  In addition to monthly training, team members attend training courses offered in Wisconsin and around the nation. We are committed to the safety of our community and work every day to improve our level of service.


La Crosse County E.R.T is one of eight teams in Wisconsin selected to be a regional regional response team. The regional Aligned Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) are part of a Wisconsin Emergency Management initiative comprised of identified law enforcement agencies around the state who can assist local law enforcement when circumstances require advanced tactical response. ALERT teams have standardized specialized equipment, follow the same operating procedures, and have standardized training in area such as weapons of mass destruction, explosive breach and hostage rescue. These capabilities are deployed regularly throughout the state to assist local law enforcement.


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