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Real Estate Records Access-Laredo


After login, you will get a screen with user news and a menu at the left of your screen.  Check for any new messages and delete the old ones.  Click on the Search button for Register of Deeds Records or the Property Search button for Tax records. 

REGISTER OF DEEDS SEARCH Party name search requires you to click on the Add button after you enter each name you want to search on.  Subdivision and tract search also requires you to click on the Add button after you enter all criteria to search on.  Record information only requires you to enter the document number, date range or search group.  Click on the Find button to get search results.  You can narrow your search by combining search criteria, such as name and beginning date. 

SEARCH BY PARTY use this format:  Gore, Robert.  You should look at all listings with the correct middle initial and those with no middle initial.  Look at each record by clicking on the plus sign to the left of each entry. 

SEARCH BY DOCUMENT NUMBER - These are relatively fast.  You can search by the document number of your desired instrument. 

SEARCH BY PIN Not available at this time 

SEARCH BY CSM You will need to know the volume and page, or document number of the CSM.

SEARCH BY SUBDIVISION Type the first 5 characters of the subdivision name and then click on the Look up button.  Select the desired name by clicking on it.  Enter a lot and/or block number and click on the Add button. You cannot search a range of lots.  If you try to search without entering any lots, the program will search for several minutes and you will likely get an error message. 

SEARCH BY SECTION TOWN & RANGE with quarter quarter section:  Enter the section, town and range number and right click on the quarter section.  Left click on the quarter quarter section and click on the Add button.  Remember you will only get unplatted land in this search.  If the land has been platted you must search by the updated legal. 

RESULTS SCREEN Click on the information in columns 1,3,4 or 5 to expand indexing information.  You can also click on the plus sign to the left of the first column to view limited information, including the GIS parcel map.  Just click on display legal and click on parcel map number.  To view the image, click on the document number.

BEGINNING A NEW SEARCH Be sure to click on the Clear button before doing a new search. 

Wall Dates: The general rule is that the grantor/tee (party) index is available the next working day after being recorded and tract index is available within 10 working days of the date recorded.  The image is available by noon of the next working day after being recorded.  There are occasional exceptions due to equipment failures and high recording volumes.  Effective date is the last indexed and verified date as shown on the bottom of the Laredo screen.  Note:  the effective date will fluctuate with the volume of documents recorded.

For more information contact:              

Cheri McBride 608-785-9647
Robin Kadrmas - 608-785-9648

Updated:   10/15/2007                                  

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