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Nursing Home

Northwood, Cedar Lane, Meadow View, Forest Trail, and Garden Terrace provide long term care.

Each living area is smoke-free.

Residents are encouraged to participate in daily living activities, and staff on all living areas are dedicated to developing personal connections between staff, residents, and family members.

Lakeview offers Specialized Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services for residents who qualify for this program. For more information, contact Lakeview Health Center Admissions at 608-786-1400. Ask for the Admissions Coordinator.

 Northwood front dayroom
 Northwood kitchen
 Cedar Lane
 Meadow View back dayroom

Forest TrailGarden Terrace

Ravenwood Behavioral Health

Ravenwood Behavioral Health is a secure state-only licensed nursing facility specializing in treating individuals with mental illness and challenging behavior. The treatment focus at Ravenwood is psychosocial and psychiatric rehabilitation in order to return the individual to community living.

As a state-only licensed facility, Ravenwood Behavioral Health does not accept Medical Assistance. However, MA benefits still apply to medications, therapy services, and physician visits.

For referrals, questions, or more information, please call 608-786-1400 and ask for the Ravenwood Coordinator.

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Lakeview Health Center has been a part of the West Salem, Wisconsin community since 1887 when La Crosse County built a hospital to care for people who had a mental illness. This hospital was our "old building" and was used until 1975. In 1975, the residents moved into our current facility.

We continue to be owned and operated by La Crosse County.

Through the years, our health care services have expanded to include caring for people with dementia, people with other challenging behavior problems, and people with intellectual disabilities. We offer a full range of care service levels, from assisted living to skilled nursing care.

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If you need immediate assistance please call:
(608) 786-1400
Lakeview Health Center
902 Garland St. East West Salem, WI 54669-1399

Phone: (608) 786-1400
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