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Adult Family Home (AFH)

Regent Manor is an Adult Family Home serving individuals with intellectual disabilities and complex medical needs.

For more information, contact the Community Living Supervisor:
Regent Manor
856 Garland Street East
West Salem, Wisconsin
Phone: 608-786-0168

Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF)

Maplewood is a Community Based Residential Facility owned and operated by Lakeview Health Center and La Crosse County. Maplewood serves up to 14 men and women who are actively working on their recovery. Maplewood facilitates individualized support groups designed to help the individual learn and practice skills that will enable them to move into less structured community, residential setting. At Maplewood, residents continue to work on self directed goals while practicing and refining their skills. Maplewood also provides an opportunity for a more independent and self directed practice with a focus on development of symptom management skills.

The length of stay is dependent on the individual's needs and related goals.

Contact Information:
914 Garland Street East
West Salem, Wisconsin
Phone: 608.786.1436
Fax: 608.786.0234

Capacity14 Men or Women
ClassC Non-Ambulatory
Clients ServedMental Health/Dual Diagnosis
AmbulationIndependent to Standing Pivot
Level of Care NeedsIndependent to Cueing
DietGeneral to Mechanical Soft
Fluid RestrictionSelf Monitor
ToiletingSelf Care
InsulinSelf Administer with monitor
TransportationNo Lift, standard van
Supervision24 hours with awake staff
Nursing NeedsLimited Wound Care/General Oversight/injection
Addition Services Available
OT/PT/Speech/Work Therapy
In designated area only

Services include:
  • Room and Board
  • Telephone Access: Individuals must use personal calling cards for long distance phone calls
  • Opportunities and avenues for community integration and community activities
  • Nursing Consultation
  • Recreation Therapy: Leisure and Therapeutic
  • Dietary Consultation
  • Supervision
  • Information and Referral
  • Family Contacts
  • Health Monitoring
  • Medical Services
  • Limited Transportation and/or Assistance with Arrangement of Transportation

Monarch Manor is a Community Based Residential Facility located at 848 East Garland Street owned and operated by La Crosse County-Lakeview Health Center.

The mission of Monarch Manor is to provide a home for adults with physical and cognitive disabilities which promote opportunities that enhance individuality, independence, wellness, and the dignity of all individuals.

Through our values of compassion, dignity and respect, as so the persons with physical and intellectual disabilities along with other challenges, can achieve their highest quality of life, personal growth, and self-determination.

Contact Information:
Monarch Manor
848 East Garland Street
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669
Phone: 608.612.0441
Fax: 608.793.6695

Monarch Manor
Capacity8 adults
ClassC Non-Ambulatory (CNA )
Clients ServedDevelopmental Disability
AmbulationIndependent to Full Body Lift
Level of Care NeedsCueing to Full Assist
DietAll Diets
Feeding Tubes
Fluid RestrictionStaff Monitor
ToiletingFull Care
InsulinStaff Administer
Supervision24 Hour
Nursing NeedsScheduled Shots/Limited
Wound Care/General Oversight
Additional ServicesOT/PT/Speech

Home Amenities:
  • Private Rooms
  • Accessible for full care needs
  • 24 hour experienced staff
  • Nursing Services
  • Suspended Ceiling Lifts

 Living Room Spa Sitting Room

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If you need immediate assistance please call:
(608) 786-1400
Lakeview Health Center
902 Garland St. East West Salem, WI 54669-1399

Phone: (608) 786-1400
Fax: (608) 786-1419


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