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La Crosse County Human Services is dedicated to the preservation of the family, and strives to provide comprehensive services to children of all abilities and their families.  It is through an integrative system of support with families and the community that we have been able to develop and implement these services.  Our families are full participants in all aspects of their child’s individualized plan of support.


Beginning January 1, 2006, families will have a responsibility for a portion of the cost of services their children receive.  This will be done through the use of the Children’s Long Term Support Parental Fee System.  The funding sources included in the parental fee system include: Children’s Long Term Support Waivers and Children’s Mental Health Supportive Services excluding Comprehensive Community Services.  In the event a parent(s) or legal guardian will be unable to meet their parental fee, an appeal process is available through the Fee Waiver Committee coordinated through fiscal services.


  1. Social Workers (SW) will assist parent(s) or legal guardian by filling out a Declaration of Income Form. This will occur annually or when supportive services begin for each child.  The annual review will be completed by April 15 of each new calendar year.  Parent or legal guardian may request at any time to their SW a fee recalculation if experiencing a dramatic change in income.  The general guideline for a change will be an increase or decrease of 10% in adjusted gross income.

  2. FS will send a letter to the parent(s) or legal guardian indicating their monthly parental fee and the right to appeal.  A copy of the letter will be sent to the SW.

  3. If the parent(s) or legal guardian wants to appeal the parental fee the SW will assist the family to request a reduction or to waive the fee through the Fee Waiver Committee.  This will be submitted to Fiscal Services.

  4. The SW will attend the Fee Waiver Committee in order to clarify the reasons for the request.  The decision of the Fee Waiver Committee is binding.  The reduction or waiver of the fee must be documented in the child’s Individual Support Plan, along with the original fee assessment.

  5. Prior to commencing or continuing (annual review) any supportive services the SW will ensure that the parent(s) or legal guardian agrees to the parental fee.

  6. While a child is receiving supportive services and parent(s) or legal guardian indicates they will no longer continue to pay the parental fee the county may, with proper notice, terminate the child from the supportive services.  The county must make the family aware of the right to appeal.  The county may reduce the fee to judgment amount, and then institute county collections.

  7. In the event parent(s) or legal guardian choose not to pay the parental fee and without the service it may create either a health and safety issue, the potential for the child not to remain in a community based setting (parent or legal guardian home, foster home or treatment foster home) and or present a financial challenge to the human service system the SW will attend the Fee Waiver Committee.  The SW will request a waiver of the parental fee outlining the specific reason it is necessary to waive the parental fee.

Declaration of Income Form for Parental Fee

Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) and Children's Mental Health Supportive Services (CMHSS) Parental Fee Guidelines


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