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Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice Code

It is the intent of the legislature to promote a juvenile justice system capable of dealing with the problem of juvenile delinquency, a system which will protect the community, impose accountability for violations of law and equip juvenile offenders with competencies to live responsibly and productively. To effectuate this intent, the legislature declares the following to be equally important purposes of this chapter:

  1. To protect citizens from juvenile crime.
  2. To hold each juvenile offender directly accountable for his or her acts.
  3. To provide an individualized assessment of each alleged and adjudicated delinquent juvenile, in order to prevent further delinquent behavior through development of competency in the juvenile offender, so that he or she is more capable of living productively and responsibly in the community.
  4. To provide due process through which each juvenile offender,  and all other interested parties are assured fair hearings, during which constitutional and other rights are recognized and enforced.
  5. To divert juveniles from the juvenile justice system through early intervention as warranted when consistent with protection of the public.
  6. To respond to juvenile offender’s needs for care and treatment, consistent with the prevention of delinquency, each juvenile’s best interest and protection of the public, by allowing the judge to utilize the most effective dispositional option.
  7. To ensure that victims and witnesses of acts committed by juveniles that result in proceedings under this chapter are, consistent with the provisions of this chapter and the Wisconsin constitution, afforded the same rights as victims and witnesses of crimes committed by adults, and are treated with dignity, respect, courtesy and sensitivity throughout such proceedings.  


Wisconsin Statues
Juvenile Justice Code: (938.01)
Subchapter I
General Provisions


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