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Pre-Placement Training

The Pre-Placement Training provided by La County Human Services presents information regarding three categories: Agency Systems, Laws and Process, System Expectations of Foster Parents, and Information Needed by Foster Parents. Within these three larger categories various topics such as: the goals of the child welfare system, roles and responsibilities, nurturing care and discipline, confidentiality, maintaining family connectedness, culture, child development, and the effects of fostering on your family will be discussed.

The training course consists of two sessions: Orientation and Pre-Placement.  Both sessions are offered monthly and should be attended in order, with Orientation being attended first.  The Pre-Placement training is now a State of Wisconsin mandated training that is required of all foster parents before they are able to receive a child in their home for the provision of foster care.

To register for this training course call Rhonda Rude at 789-4834 or email her at rude.rhonda@co.la-crosse.wi.us.



Foundations is a required training for foster parents who have completed the Pre-Placement training and are licensed by this Department. Foster parents are required to complete this training within the first two years of being licensed.

Foundations consists of eight sessions which are each three to four hours in length (for a total of twenty eight hours). The training is taught by social workers and an experienced foster parent to give realistic training that is designed to inform foster parents on issues specific to fostering maltreated youth and working with their families and the Child Protection and Delinquency systems. The training is also designed to help foster parents develop a more complete philosophy on fostering youth and to avoid potential barriers to working as valuable team members.

La Crosse County has been offering this type of training for ten years which was formerly called PACE (Partners in Alternate Care Education). With new changes and shortening of content we have updated this training to Foundations.

In addition to being required of licensed foster homes, this training is also valuable to families who are fostering relatives through kinship care or other professionals working in this field who would like more education on the foundations to foster care.

Those interested in signing up for our next Foundations cycle should call Rhonda Rude at 789-4834 or email her at rude.rhonda@co.la-crosse.wi.us.


Confidentiality Training

Confidentiality training is required of all licensed foster homes.  This two and a half hour training is designed to educate foster parents on the limitations of confidentiality specific to foster care and the Department's role in families' lives. An emphasis is placed on the sensitivity and ethical responsibility we have to the families' information by we are privileged to know due to our role on the team. Strategies to avoid such complicated situations will also be explored in this training.

Confidentiality training is offered at least once a year. It is co-trained by a social worker and by Attorney Megan DeVore of La Crosse County Human Services Corporation Counsel. Newly licensed homes should sign up for this session within their first year of being licensed. This will help guide them through the complexities of information gathering and information sharing as a foster parent. The consequences of not knowing could be large due to confidentiality laws and rights that can be violated by well intentioned foster parents.

Please call or email Rhonda Rude (789-4834, rude.rhonda@co.la-crosse.wi.us) to find out when the next session is being offered and to sign up for this training.


Ongoing Training

All La Crosse County foster parents are required to complete at least 12 hours of ongoing training per calendar year. At least four hours of training must be earned for attendance and participation at in-house trainings.  La Crosse County Human Services Department provides generalized foster parent trainings every other month. Training hours may also be earned from outside resources but must be pre-approved and verifiable (foster parents must provide a copy of the training certificate and/or pamphlet or agenda from the training.)

Foster parents can also earn training credit from reading books or watching videos that are relevant and directly related to foster care. La Crosse County Human Services has a resource library which foster parents can access to check out training materials. Foster parents can earn up to a total of two training hours for reading books (1/2 hour of training credit per book) or watching videos (1 hour of training credit per video) and must submit a brief summary describing what they learned from the book or video and how they can apply that to the care they provide.

Although foster parents may not be required to participate in any training beyond the minimum requirements, La Crosse County Human Services strongly encourages all foster parents to participate in as much training as possible to increase their overall knowledge and skill level. Foster parenting has become an increasingly more complex and demanding responsibility and in order to meet these challenges foster parents must increase their knowledge and skills to adequately care for the children placed in their home.



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