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In January, 2007, the County requirement that their employees live in the State of Wisconsin was eliminated for most employees.  The exceptions are listed below.


  • County Administrator - The County Administrator shall be a resident of La Crosse County within six months after date of hire.

  • Deputy County Administrators – The Deputy County Administrators shall become residents of the State of Wisconsin within six months after date of hire.

  • Sheriff’s Deputies and Other Sworn Law Enforcement Officers - Sheriff’s Deputies and other sworn law enforcement officers appointed under authority of s. 59.26(1) Wis. Stats. must be residents of the State of Wisconsin on the day they commence employment.

  • Advertising Vacancies - The residency requirement shall be stated in the advertisement to fill a vacancy for positions that contain the residency requirement.


policies: 6/99; 11/03; 5/04; 1/07

Updated:   02/09/2007                                  

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