Did you know?
  • The La Crosse County property tax rate is one of the lowest in the state, ranking 68th out of 72 counties (from high to low), according to Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

  • La Crosse County departments bring in over $36 million of state and federal aid money to the La Crosse area economy, which funds county operations.

  • La Crosse County is a state leader in cooperative efforts with NSP in producing refuse derived fuels for generation of electrical power.

  • The County 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch Center is one of the first centralized county-wide systems in the state and receives nearly 1,000 calls daily.

  • In 1995 The County Sheriff's Department was ranked 1st out of 72 counties for crime resolution and was second in the state to provide D.A.R.E. programs to schools.

  • County health education programs are recognized national leaders in health promotion and disease prevention.

  • Thirty or more county programs or departments are self-sustaining on fees or federal or state grants, requiring no additional funds from local taxpayers.

  • The Human Services Department's Economic Support Section continues to be recognized as one of the best in the state for high efficiency and low error rates. In 1996, over $48 million in state and federal benefits to residents was brought into the La Crosse area through E.S. programs.

  • La Crosse County's Goose Island Campground is the largest County campground in Wisconsin with over 400 sites.

Location of County Departments

  • Administrative Center 400 4th Street North

  • Courthouse & Law Enforcement Center 333 Vine Street

  • Health & Human Services Building 300 4th Street North

La Crosse County Services are available at numerous locations throughout the County as follows:

Administrative Center
 400 4th Street North  La Crosse
  • County Administrator

  • County Aging Unit

  • County Board Chair

  • Facilities Department

  • Justice Sanctions

  • Personnel Department

  • Register of Deeds

  • Treasurer

  • Veterans Service Office

  • Corporation Counsel

  • County Clerk

  • Child Support Agency

  • Finance Department

  • Land Conservation Office

  • Medical Examiner

  • Printing Department

  • Surveyor

  • University Extension

  • Zoning & Land Information

Courthouse & Law Enforcement Center
 333 Vine Street  La Crosse
  • Circuit Court Branches I-IV 

  • Clerk of Court

  • County Sheriff

  • District Attorney 

  • Emergency Services

    • Emergency Management

    • 911 Emergency Dispatch

  • Mediation and Family Court Services

  • Register in Probate

Health & Human Service Building
 300 4th Street North  La Crosse

  • Information Technology

  • Health Department

  • Human Services Department

County Highway Department
 N4922 Carlson Road • West Salem

Hillview Health Care Center
 3501 Park Lane Drive • La Crosse

Carroll Heights Apartments
 3505 Park Lane Drive • La Crosse

Lakeview Health Care Center
 902 Garland Street East • West Salem

The Resource Center of La Crosse County
300 4th Street North - First Floor
P.O. Box 4002
La Crosse, WI  54602-4002

County Parks

  • Goose Island - Hwy 35 & GI • La Crosse

  • Veterans Memorial - Hwy 16 • West Salem

  • Lake Neshonoc - State Road 16 • West Salem

  • Nelson - French Island • La Crosse

  • Swarthout - Brice Prairie • Onalaska

  • Mindoro - County Road D • Mindoro

County Libraries

  • John Bosshard Memorial Library
    1720 Henry Johns Blvd
    Bangor, WI 54614
    (608) 486-4408

  • Campbell Area Library
    Campbell Town Hall
    2219 Bainbridge St. (French Island)
    La Crosse, WI 54603
    (608) 783-0052

  • Holmen Area Library & Administrative Office
    103 State Street
    PO Box 220
    Holmen, WI 54636
    (608) 526-4198

  • Onalaska Public Library
    741 Oak Ave South
    PO Box 248
    Onalaska, WI 54650
    (608) 781-9568

  • Hazel Brown Leicht Memorial Library
    201 Neshonoc Road
    West Salem. WI 54669
    (608) 786-1505

Solid Waste Department
6500 State Road 16 • La Crosse


La Crosse County provides the public with a full array of government services. Traditional record keeping and court administration services are being computerized for greater accuracy and efficiency.

Health services benefit every citizen through restaurants and public facility inspection, water & milk testing, nutrition and wellness programs for teens, new mothers and business people as well. County Health Nursing provides many services to the public such as immunization clinics, lead screening and home care visits. Call for program schedules.

Human Services Department provides supportive and protective services, evaluation and counseling, and financial assistance. Services are specialized for children and families, frail elderly and persons with developmental or physical disabilities, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse problems or AIDS.

The County Aging Unit provides services and programs to County residents who are 60+. Services offered through the Unit are designed to maintain seniors in the community with maximum independence and dignity.

The best nursing home services are available at Hillview and Lakeview Health Care Centers - ask our residents and their families.

Hillview offers superb services. Nestled beneath the bluffs, our 228 bed modern facility has a record of over 100 years of love and care. The State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services recognizes Hillview as an excellent nursing home. The staff genuinely care about the people they serve. Everyone is made to feel needed and respected. Hillview is a full service health care facility offering full nursing care, therapy and rehabilitation, hospice, respite and sub-acute types of care. Medicare, Medicaid and V.A. certified.

Carroll Heights is a 58 unit "independent living" complex for seniors adjoining Hillview. It has 1 & 2 bedroom apartments available with guest room, carports, county nutrition site, patio, gardens and scenic walking space.

Lakeview Health Center is a modern, spacious facility 249 bed located in rural West Salem. Lakeview provides health care and treatment programs for persons with specialized physical, behavioral and mental needs. The facility also serves as community educational resource concerning care for persons whose needs are complicated by challenging behavior. Lakeview Health Center is committed to excellence in meeting the long term care needs of the facility's residents. Referrals are accepted from families, hospitals, human service agencies and other nursing homes in Wisconsin.

The County Clerk's office records and maintains the proceedings, resolutions and ordinances of the county Board of Supervisors and committees. The office also supervises all Federal, State and County elections and has on file all required election documents and results. Marriage licenses are issued through the Clerk's office; an average of 825 licenses applications are received annually. The County Clerk produces an annual "Directory of Public Officials", available by request, listing the elected officials of the cities, villages and towns. As an agent of the DNR, fish and game licenses are also for sale to resident and non resident sportspeople. If your organization needs a permit for a parade, bicycle race, procession, marathon, run, walk, etc that will be using a county road, the Clerk's office will process your application and notify all departments concerned to ensure a trouble free event.

The Highway Department is responsible for maintenance and construction of 280 miles of county highways. The Highway Department also maintains all State and Federal Highways in La Crosse County. We plow, mow, re-surface, clean, put up new bridges, new signs; whatever is needed to keep the roads safe and pleasant to drive.

The County Department of Land Conservation provides technical services and site evaluation for a variety of projects designed to improve soil conservation and water quality. Erosion control permits for most land disturbing construction projects are obtained from this department. We serve rural and urban land owners as well as local government.

The County Library provides videos, cassettes, compact discs, records, puppets, magazines and books to the public without charge. Computer catalogs make it possible for patrons to see what items are available in any of the five County Library locations or home direct by computer modem. Materials from libraries throughout the State may be requested through an inter-library loan system. Children enjoy participating in excellent story hours all year. Reading-incentive programs and special activities receive wide participation in the summer.

County parks provide a scenic and restful atmosphere for camping, fishing, picnicking, boating and other outdoor recreation. La Crosse County has six parks and over 1,000 acres of park land. Let us provide your "Great Escape."

The County's Register of Deeds office maintains vital records, military discharge documents and land records dating as far back as mid 1800's. Genealogical Researchers visit this office from all over the county in an attempt to locate and update family history from the La Crosse area.

The Solid Waste Department is working to reduce, reuse and recycle resources to keep Wisconsin clean and healthy. One form of recycling is converting waste to energy through La Crosse County's Resource Recovery Facility. Burning waste to produce electricity reduces the need for expensive new electrical generators and saves other resources such as coal, oil and nuclear fuels.

The County Surveyor's Office remonuments and maintains the public land survey system, maintains the survey files and highway right-of-way maps, performs global positioning surveys, does surveys for county departments as needed and reviews certified survey and plats.

The University of Wisconsin-Extension Office is the outreach arm of the University System Extension. The faculty share research-based information with county residents to address concerns of Community and Economic Development, Family Living, Agriculture, 4-H and Youth Development. Programs offered for adults and youth, individuals as well as groups, families and businesses through classes, seminars/workshops, personal visits, publications, news media, video, ETN and satellite conferences.

The Veterans Service Office assists all county military veterans, their dependents and survivors in applications for all State and Federal veteran's benefits.

The Zoning & Land Information Department issues Zoning/Occupancy Permits, Special Exception & Conditional Use Permits, Farmland Preservation Certificates and regulates floodplain zoning throughout the county.

The Zoning & Land Information Department compiles information from the Register of Deeds office pertaining to name changes and land parcel splits and calculates acreages. It also generates the tax roll, tax bills and assessment roll for each municipality based on valuations and does all tax parcel mapping.

For more information call...

Area Code (608)

County Administrator 785-9700
Carroll Heights 785-5555
Child Support Agency 785-9564
Clerk of Circuit Courts 785-9573
County Aging Unit 785-9710
County Board Chairperson 785-9563
County Clerk 785-9581
Corporation Counsel 785-9577
District Attorney 785-9604
Emergency Services  785-9634
Facilities 785-9770
Finance Department 785-9580
Health Department 785-9872
Highway Department 785-9631
Hillview Health Care Center 789-4800
Human Services 785-6050
Information Technology 785-9601
Lakeview Health Care Center 786-1400
Land Conservation Office 785-9867
Library 526-9600
Mediation & Family Court Services 785-6162
Medical Examiner 785-9638
Personnel Department 785-9641
Register of Deeds 785-9644
Register in Probate 785-9882
Sheriff's Department 785-9629
Solid Waste Department 785-9572
Surveyor 785-9722
Treasurer 785-9711
TTY for hearing impaired 785-9787
University Extension 785-9593
Veterans Service Office 785-9719
Zoning/Land Information 785-9722

La Crosse County Government is a service industry. County citizens can be proud of the up-to-date and innovative administration which is responsible to public needs. In many respects La Crosse County is a leader among counties of the state in efficiency and services.

Our goal is to provide the Best of public service for you !