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Redistricting Committee

The Redistricting Committee is formed with every decennial US Census. According to the US Constitution, the census has one fundamental purpose: to ensure that representation of each state in the House of Representatives reflects the relative size of its population as compared with other states. Every ten years each county also has the same responsibility to re-apportion its population into new equally sized by population, County Board Supervisor Districts. The committee has two goals. The first step requires the committee, at the direction of the county board, to adopt a tentative county supervisory district plan after detailed input on its guiding principles are discussed. The second step begins after the local municipalities adopt wards plans. The committee/county board will hold a required public hearing before adoption of the tentative and final plan. The committee will then draft a resolution by ordinance creating a legal description of each new supervisory district. This committee's assignment is completed with the adoption of the ordinance affecting the districts.

Meeting Information

Advisory and Ad Hoc Committees may be formed as needed.
Additional committee information, and minutes and agendas can be found under minutes and agendas or call the County Board Chair Office: 608-785-9563

Committee Members

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