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Family Caregivers

You are a Caregiver?

You are a caregiver is you provide any type of care, whether it is physical or emotional for someone who may be an elder,

or someone who is suffering from a physical or mental illness, a disability, some type chemical dependence, or other conditions. 

What makes you a caregiver?

You are a caregiver if you do one or more of the following tasks for a spouse, a child, a parent, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a relative: 

  • Stopping by every few days to help tidy up their house or apartment

  • Helping them to do a load of laundry occasionally

  • Assisting with personal care such as taking a bath

  • Taking them to the store or running errands for them

  • Cooking a meal

  • Assistance with paying bills  

  • And others

  •  Need some Help?  Please take a look at our Caregiver Coach Program Flyer  pdf  and our Caregiver Coach Program Poster  pdf

 For information about upcoming Caregiver Workshops please click one of the flyers below.

   Caring Workshops for Family Caregivers Flyer 2014 pdf

   Caring Workshop for Hmong Family Caregivers Flyer 2014  pdf

   Lunch Bunch - Memory Cafe Flyer  pdf

   Lunch Bunch - Memory Cafe Calendar of Events  pdf




What is Respite?

Respite is a break for caregivers and families from their daily or frequent caregiving responsibilities or demands.   

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is a service in which temporary care is provided to the person needing care so the caregiver would have some time to themselves to take care of their own needs, have fun, or simply to relax. 

Look for these Books, CDs, and DVDs which may be of interest to caregivers:

Touch Caring and Cancer: Simple Instructions for Family and Friends DVD

One of the most comforting forms of support you can give a loved one with cancer is the use of touch through massage. This inspiring and authoritative DVD program provides detailed instruction by leading experts in the field of oncology massage in safe and simple techniques anyone can learn and apply. Developed with support from the National Cancer Institute, it follows eleven cancer patients and their caregivers through a workshop as they learn and practice simple touch and massage techniques together. Gain new confidence and satisfaction in caring for your loved one.

Music for Partners in Healing CD

This collection of delightful and gentle melodies to accompany use of touch in caregiving, inspires simple relaxation and peace of mind. It will lift your spirit while helping you to relax, be present and enjoy giving or receiving the perfect companion for the book Partners in Healing: Simple Ways to Offer Support, Comfort and Care to a Loved One Facing Illness, and the DVD program Touch, Caring and Cancer: Simple Instruction for Family and Friends. Composed, produced and performed by Chris Decato,, on piano, steel and nylon string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, penny whistle and synthesizer.

Banana Sky: Relieve Stress Naturally with Banana Sky DVD

Feel completely refreshed within minutes... An energizing experience you don't want to miss!

"By far the best form of complementary medicine around: This provides close to immediate and deep relaxation for both patients and caregivers." A Cancer Center employee - DVD is played all day in their waiting room.


How Do I Live When I Know I'm Going to Die?

Thoughts and Insights About Life's Most Challenging Passage and America's Last Taboo  By Rev. Anton Grosz, Ph.D.  

An empathetic look at the gradual dying process from the perspective of the one dying, their caregivers, and their surviving loved ones. Includes thoughts and insights about life's most challenging experience, along with hospice care and end-of-life information.

Caregiver Newsletters

    Jan/Feb 2014   pdf


    Mar/Apr 2014   pdf

    May/Jun 2014   pdf


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Updated:   04/08/2014