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Wisconsin Rideshare

Have you checked out the Wisconsin Rideshare website lately?  Using Google mapping the program now shows you a map of your origin and destination as well as that of your potential matches. 


Perhaps the last time you had an interest in checking out your matches was when gas prices went through the roof.  Well, gas is just under $3.00 a gallon again and if you are not carpooling you are still experiencing  extra wear and tear on your car, spending more money than necessary on gas, changing your oil more than you need to, and contributing to air pollution.


So why not take a few minutes and check out www.rideshareetc.org   Enter your email and password to open your personal Welcome Page.  Then view your profile for current information, run a carpool or bike buddy match for potential  ridesharers, and then check out the commute tracker that allows you to compute your environmental savings.


Wisconsin Rideshare is a no obligation program linking together commuters who travel similar routes at similar times.  Contact a potential match today and save money, car expenses, and our environment!  Visit www.rideshare.wi.gov for program information, tips on successful 'pooling' and information for your employer.

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