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Updated:   04/08/2015

Please, come in and visit.

Location and Contact Info
Burns Town Hall
W1313 Jewett Road
Mailing address: N6111 County Hwy E
Bangor, WI 54614
Phone number: (608) 486-4272

Burns Town Hall


  • ABOUT BURNS: read interesting geographical and historical facts about the Town of Burns

  • FINANCIAL RECORDS: see Town budget information.

  • SCHEDULES: find out the date of the next meeting and other planned events you want to know about.

  • GLOSSARY: find definitions for some of the terms you are hearing. Here is a short glossary.

  • MEETING AGENDAS/MINUTES see a complete index of meetings

  • QUESTIONS: find answers to frequently asked questions. It includes links to other county and state government sites you may want to contact.

  • TOWN BOARD: meet the folks who make the decisions, keep the records, take care of the finances, and perform other necessary services.

  • TOWN BOARD POLICIES: Adopted May 10, 2011

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