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Town Ordinances

Ordinances included on this website are for reference only.  Please contact the Town of Medary for official ordinances.

Chapter 3 - Police Department and Traffic Ordinances.

Chapter 4 - Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks.

Ordinance 4.01 - Special Assessments - Streets and Highways.

Ordinance 4.02 - Load Limits on Bridges.

Ordinance 4.05 - Driveway Access to Medary Town Roads

Chapter 5 - Sanitary and Storm Sewers and Wells.

Ordinance 5.01 - Location of Wells and Sewage Systems.

Chapter 6 - Public Peace, Morals and Safety.

Ordinance 6.02 - Regulation and Control of Dogs.

Chapter 7 - Health and Sanitary Regulations; Landfills.

Ordinance 7.01 - Regulation of Septic Tanks. Dry Wells, Etc.

Ordinance 7.02 - Regulation of Commercial Handlers of Dead Animals.

Chapter 8 - Parks and Playgrounds.

Chapter 9 - Subdivision Control and Platting.

Chapter 10 - Building and construction Regulations.

    Ordinance 10.03 - Medary Comprehensive Plan Adoption Ordinance

Chapter 11 Gas Regulations and Code.

Ordinance 11.01 Regulation of Gas Burners, Gas Burner Equipment and Gas Appliances, for the Licensing of Gas Contractors and Their Employees, and for Providing Penalties.

Chapter 12 - Mobile Home and House Trailer Regulations.

Ordinance 12.01 - Licensing, Parking, Etc. of Mobile Homes.

Chapter 13 - Elections and Voter Registration.

Chapter 14 - Miscellaneous Ordinances.

Ordinance 14.01 - Providing for the Licensing and Regulation of a Community Antenna Television System.

Chapter 15 - Licensing, Permit and Application Forms.

Chapter 16 -



Medary Town Hall


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