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 Oftentimes, zoning, comprehensive planning and land use are intermingled and treated as one.  However, they are each distinct categories used for different purposes.

The abbreviated definitions:

Zoning:  a “police power” regulation.

Comprehensive Planning:  a vision for future land use.

Land Use:  actual use of the land determined for taxing purposes.


See attached chart for a more detailed explanation:  (definitions) 


Comprehensive Planning

             Link to our comprehensive planning page 

Land Use (Assessments)

            Link to our Town Assessment page


 The Town of Holland partners with La Crosse County for authorizing rezone requests.   As such, a majority of the information concerning zoning issues can be found on the La Crosse County website.   Below are some key links to assist in understanding the zoning issue.

 New zoning district map (adopted 5/18/12):  (zoning map 5-18-12

 New zoning code (Chapter 17) in whole:

 La Crosse County Zoning Department: 

 Land Records Information (to locate a parcel on the La Crosse County map):


 Zoning/Occupancy Permit brochure:
 Exclusive Ag & General Ag Zoning Districts:

 Rural Zoning District: (rural zoning district)

 New zoning district categories & their general uses:  (zoning uses)


Updated:   09/30/2014

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