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Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes

Agendas   Minutes
September 3rd - No Meeting    
August 6th   August 6th (draft)
    July 2nd (final)
June 4th   June 4th (draft)
May 7th (No Meeting)    
April 2nd (No Meeting)    
March 5th   March 5th
February 5th   February 5th
January 1st ( No January Meeting)    
Agendas   Minutes
December 4th   December 4th
November 6th   November 6th
October 2nd   October 2nd
September 4th   September 4th
August 7th   August 7th
July 3rd   July 3rd
June 5th No Meeting    
May 1st   May 1st
April 3rd  Addendum   April 3rd
March 6th   March 6th
March 6th Public Hearing
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  March 6th Public Hearing
March 6th Public Hearing to
Amend Comprehensive Plan Map
February 6th (No February Meeting)    
January 2nd   January 2nd


December 5th   December 5th
November 7th   November 7th
October 3rd   October 3rd
September 5th   September 5th
August 1st   August 1st
August 1st Special Meeting   August 1st Special Meeting
July 4th(No July Meeting)    
June 6th   June 6th
May 2nd   May 2nd
April 4th   April 4th
March 6th
March 6th Public Hearing Beauty Shop
  March 6th
March 6th Public Hearing Minutes Beauty Shop
February 7th   February 7th
January 4th   January 4th


December 6th   December 6th
November 1st   November 1st
September 6th   September 6th
September 6th Notice of Hearing    
August 2nd   August 2nd
July 5th   July 5th
June 7th   June 7th
May 10th   May 10th
April 12th   April 12th
March 1st   March 1st
February 1st   February 1st
No January Meeting    


December 7th   December 7th
November 9th   November 9th
No October Meeting    
July 6th   July 6th
June 1st - No Meeting    
May 4th   May 4th
April 7th   April 7th
March 3rd No Meeting    
February 2nd   February 2nd
January 5th   January 5th
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