La Crosse County, Wisconsin

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The first town meeting for the Town of Holland was held on the first Tuesday in April, 1858, at the school house near the Village of New Amsterdam.  Settlement began on July 15, 1853, by Dutch settlers.  In 1856 the first hotel and stage coach station were built and in 1858 the first post office in the township was established.  A town hall was built in Holmen in 1890 but apparently burned in 1906 or 1907.  Another town hall was built and later sold to the American Legion for $300 in 1939.  With the incorporation of the Village of Holmen in 1946, the Town of Holland sold the park, its accessories, the First Department and the hall to the village (with the privilege of using it for elections and town meetings).  It wasn’t until 1984 that land was purchased on McHugh Road to build a new town hall with construction completed in 1986.

In 1891, La Crosse County began building a turnpike and seven bridges across the bottomland on a route previously established by ferry boats.  This road was abandoned in July, 1940 by the state and maintained by the Town of Holland for the next ten years at which time the seventh bridge was dismantled, thereby closing the McGilvrary Road thoroughfare.  Five of the seven bridges remain and have been named in the National Register of Historic places.

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