Why recycle shingles?

Asphalt shingles aren’t a waste.  Ground shingles can be added to asphalt pavements, minimizing the need for petroleum products.  Putting less in the landfill and reusing it in our community can help you save money.

What are clean shingles?

Clean shingles are asphalt roofing materials that have been separated from waste paper, wood materials, metals, etc.  Clean shingles can include the asphalt tar paper and associated roofing nails.  Clean shingles are not wood shakes, tiles, etc.

What is the shingle recycling site at La Crosse County

This is a specially prepared area where clean shingles can be unloaded, stockpiled and then processed into a material that can be utilized in roadway construction.  The clean shingle site is located at the La Crosse County landfill, and is open year-round.

Who can recycle shingles?

Anybody!  Contractors, citizens, builders, construction companies, haulers—anybody who has access to roofing materials and can separate out the waste materials before bringing them to the clean shingle site can recycle shingles.

What’s in it for me?

If you separate waste materials from the clean shingle load, your fee   will be about ½ the cost of disposing the materials at the demolition site: only $30 per ton.  You will save money.  By recycling shingles, our community will also save.  We will be less dependent on fossil fuels and petroleum products, we will have less impact on greenhouse gasses and global warming, and space in our landfill will be preserved for future generations. 


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