Integrated Solid Waste Disposal Services - Provided Through Public Management
La Crosse County provides public management of an integrated solid waste disposal system that is provided through public/private partnerships. This system is utilized by several counties in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The system accepts residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional wastes. The disposal system processes solid waste into refuse derived fuel which is then utilized in generating electricity. The county provides oversight of a landfill complex which includes: sanitary landfill, ash monofill, construction and demolition landfill, clean wood waste processing, and yard waste disposal. La Crosse County provides these services to manage the environmental liability for disposal of these wastes for the protection of La Crosse County. In addition, La Crosse County provides these services to keep transportation distances and costs low, as well as to provide strong private sector competition by having fairly priced services.

Explanation of Solid Waste Separation and Recycling Laws
In the past several years there have been many new laws requiring separation of waste for the waste-to-energy program and for the recycling. Generally, all waste which is not recycled and less than four feet in length and less than 100 pounds in weight is required to go to the waste-to-energy facility on French Island. Some wastes have additional restrictions for proper disposal. In the event you have any questions, please contact the Solid Waste Department at 608-785-9572.

Construction and Demolition Waste Disposal
La Crosse County offers a construction and demolition landfill area separate from the municipal solid waste. Materials that may go into this site include items such as roofing, wood, and rubble. Items that cannot go to the site include things like upholstered furniture, garbage, cardboard and litter. In the event you have questions please contact the La Crosse County Solid Waste Department at 608-785-9572.

Pallet, Crate, and Clean Wood Processing
La Crosse County takes clean wood such as pallets (with nails), crates, and tree trunks and chips the wood for use at Xcel as a supplemental fuel.

Biological Treatment of Petroleum Impacted Soils
La Crosse County uses microbes in a prepared environment to treat petroleum impacted soils in a location that is part of the active landfill. These soils, after being treated and made clean, are then used as cover within the landfill.

Other Services
La Crosse County provides: safe and environmentally sound disposal of asbestos, tire recycling, and collection of landfill gas for sale.

For more information, contact the La Crosse County Solid Waste Department at 608-785-9572.

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