Public Drop-off Site

What do I do as a first-time Customer to the Public Drop-Off Site?

HOURS: Monday - Friday
              7:00 AM - 4:00 PM (please plan to be weighed in by 3:45 pm)

COST:   Effective Monday, August 18th New flat rate charges for the Citizen Drop-Off Area.

Cars                                            $5.00

Pick up/SUV/Mini Van                $15.00

Any vehicle with trailer               $25.00

Tires remain 10c per pound. One car tire is approximately $2 or $3.

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WHERE: Convenient large containers located behind building in lot—citizen responsible for unloading wastes. (see photo above right)

WHAT ARE ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS: Construction debris, household waste, furniture, all types of metal, large appliances without refrigerant, yard waste, branches, cardboard, recyclables. Construction? See also Asbestos Guidelines for Homeowners (pdf)

WHAT IS CONSIDERED NOT ACCEPTABLE AT THIS SITE: Any appliance containing refrigerants, or hazardous wastes such as fuels, paints, chemicals, fluorescent lights, equipment such as TVs, computers, and electronics. Hazardous wastes need to be taken to the Hazardous Materials building next door to us, when open. Please stop in and see us, or our phone number is (608)785-9999.


  1. Drive slow onto scale, only one vehicle on scale at a time (arrow shows scale next to building on above left photo) CAUTION: SCALE IS A RAISED SURFACE, DO NOT LEAVE CENTER OF SCALE AND DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE, PLEASE.

  2. Stop at last (third) window.

  3. Wait for attendant to open window. Tell attendant all types of items you have to dispose of today. Tell attendant from which community the waste is coming from. Attendant will inform you which containers to deposit items in. Signs to help you are in front of bins.

  4. Drive across parking lot to dispose of the items, and then return to scale by driving between the two buildings and back onto the scale in same direction you entered it—one way scale.

  5. Do not take anything from the bins. No salvaging is allowed.

  6. Children and pets must stay in vehicle at all times.

  7. Attendant will reweigh vehicle and let you know how much to pay. Payment may be accepted at window or at register inside at attendant's discretion based on weather, traffic conditions or mode of payment. We accept cash, check (with identification), or Visa, MasterCard and Discover (Convenience fee of 3% on cards: $2 minimum fee, under $67.00) Thank you.

La Crosse County Landfill (608)785-9572

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