Permits and Fees

La Crosse County Solid Waste hauler's permit application (pdf)

La Crosse County three day disposal permit application (pdf)

Permit Guidelines, Pricing and General Information (pdf)

La Crosse County Solid Waste Department 2012 Fees
Direct access to landfill & resource recovery facility (typically commercial haulers & businesses)
Annual permit*$300 per vehicle
3 day permit*$25 per vehicle

2012 Permit sites and rates:
Demolition waste site$59/ton
Sanitary waste site$59/ton
Resource Recovery (waste-to-energy)$61/ton
Asbestos (friable and non-friable)$100/ton
OtherCall for rate

Pallets and unpainted/untreated lumber (clean wood)$18/ton
Stumps over 18" in diameter$50/ton
Brush, limbs and stumps less than 18" in diameter$27/ton
Yard waste without brush, without bags$45/ton
Asphalt shingles$30/ton
Tires (typical car tire without rim is $2)$200/ton

Pre-approval required for Special Wastes.

Solid Waste Department telephone: 608-785-9572

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