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La Crosse County SO

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The turn of the century had brought many changes to the La Crosse area.  The automobile was introduced early and better roads allowed for more expansion beyond the city.


By 1920, the City Police department had grown to 40 officers while other communities met their law enforcement needs with town marshals and constables.


The Sheriff's Department consisted of 4 full-time employees well into the 1920's.  In 1927, the County board authorized the following annual pay scale.  Sheriff - $2,000, Undersheriff - $1,200, two jailers at $1,020 each and six deputies at $25 per year.


The jail was located at 10th and Ziesler streets.  It contained living quarters for the sheriff and his family.  His wife acted as cook for the jail and matron when there was a female prisoner.  The county paid board based on the number of prisoners.


1924 saw the election of Sheriff W.H. Ristow who in 1926 became the only sheriff in La Crosse County history to be removed from office.

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