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Solicitor Permits are issued under the guidelines of County Ordinance 13.02.
Each person must have their own solicitor permit; we do not issue group permits.
Solicitor permits are valid January 1 through December 31 and must be renewed annually.
It may take up to 48 business working hours before a permit is issued.
Fee for solicitor permits is $15.00.
Applications for permits may be obtained at the Sheriff's Department during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.  The application can also be downloaded here >>
  • Each person must fill out a permit application, sign and date it, no one else may complete it for them.
  • We will not accept faxed applications.
  • We can fax the application to the person or it can be downloaded from this site, but it must be returned in person.
Each applicant will have a criminal history check.
  • Record checks may take up to 48 hours.
Applicants must be fingerprinted.
  • Times for fingerprinting are listed here. >>
  • Fingerprints can be done at time of application or after application is approved, but they must be done before they receive their permit.
A Solicitor Permit will be issued after criminal history is checked and application is approved by the Sheriff.
  • All paperwork must be signed, fee paid, fingerprints completed and on file.
Each Village and City within the County has their own laws regarding solicitor's permits.
  • City of La Crosse, Onalaska; Village of Holmen, Bangor and West Salem.
  • Applicants must apply at each village and city for appropriate permits.
County permits are only valid within the townships of the County.
  • Town of Barre, Bangor, Burns, Campbell, Farmington, Greenfield, Hamilton, Holland, Medary, Onalaska, Shelby and Washington.
The solicitor must carry his permit at all times while soliciting.  Fine for not having a solicitor permit is:
  • Adults - $242.00
  • Juveniles - $149.70