Ordinance 13.02

Canvassers, Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants.

1)       PERMIT REQUIRED.  No person shall go in or upon any private residence, apartment or premises in the County to solicit from the occupants thereof or to canvass for orders for goods, wares, merchandise or services of any character or description, or for the purpose of offering to give or to furnish or giving or furnishing any goods, wares, merchandise or services to any such occupants to induce or invite such orders without a permit therefor from the County Sheriff's Department.  Every individual person, even though representing a firm or corporation, who may be applicant hereunder shall individually apply and hold the solicitor's permit as herein require.


2)       EXCEPTIONS.  This section shall not apply to:

a)       Newspaper carriers.

b)       The acts of resident merchants, business persons, insurance agents or their employees residing in the County in taking orders in the houses of their customers for goods held by them in stock at the established agencies.  Nor the acts of such merchants, business persons and employees in delivering such goods, merchandise or insurance policies in the regular course of business.

c)       Solicitations or sales made by residents of the County for charitable, religious, civic or political purposes.

d)       Farmers or truck gardeners residing in the State who vend, sell, or dispose of, or offer to sell, vend or dispose of, the products of the farm or garden occupied or cultivated by them.

e)       Those engaged in commercial fishing.

f)         Any sale required by statute, by ordinance or any municipal body of the County or by order of any court.

g)       Bona fide auction sales conducted pursuant to law.


3)       PERMIT APPLICATION.  Any person desiring to secure a solicitor’s permit shall apply therefor in person to the Sheriff’s Department on forms provided by the County.  Such application shall state:

a)       The name and address of the applicant.

b)       The name and address of the person, firm or corporation whom employed.

c)       The length of service of such applicant with such employee.

d)       The place of residence and nature of the employment of the applicant during the last preceding year.

e)       The nature or character of the goods, wares, merchandise or services to be offered by the applicant.

f)         The personal description of the applicant.

g)       The license numbers, make, year and color of all motor vehicles to be operated within the County by such applicant.

h)       Such application shall be accompanied by such credentials and other evidence of the good moral character and identity of the applicant as may be reasonably required by the Sheriff’s Department.

i)         Before receiving a solicitor’s permit under this section, the applicant shall in writing appoint the County Clerk his/her attorney to accept service of process in any action commenced against the applicant arising out of the transaction of business within the County.


4)       ISSUANCE.  If the County Sheriff’s Department determines after reasonable investigation that the applicant is of good moral character and propose to engage in a lawful and legitimate commercial or professional enterprise, the Sheriff may then issue the permit.


5)       PERMIT FEE.  The application fee for the solicitor’s permit shall be $15.00.


6)       REGULATIONS TO BE POSTED.  County Roads and State Highways at the boundaries of surrounding counties may be posted at the County line stating that solicitor’s permits are required within the County.  Such signs shall be placed and be of such a design and lettering as designated by the Highway Committee.