Neighborhood Watch Objectives

The Neighborhood Watch has seven primary objectives:


1 Maintain a cooperative system of surveillance over one another's property, children, etc.
2 Report suspicious activity, suspicious persons, or crimes in progress accurately and immediately to the police.
3 Mutually assist and encourage the attainment of home security surveys, crime target hardening procedures, property marking activities, comprehensive crime prevention awareness, and the elimination of the opportunity for crime.
4 Maintain a continuing system for the dissemination of information and educational materials relative to self-protection and criminal awareness and adjust program emphasis in accordance with the most current information.
5 Encourage neighbors to report crimes and come forward as witnesses of criminal activity.
6 Assist and support victims of crime.
7 Help elderly or debilitated citizens and children protect themselves from becoming crime victims.  Advocate and push for additional projects to protect these special groups of persons whenever necessary.
Neighborhood Watch