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Why should I be concerned?

Methamphetamine users aren't the only people poisoned by this drug.  Meth manufacturing is extremely dangerous and involves many common household chemical products.  These chemicals, and the array of their combinations, are potentially lethal and toxic.  When mixed, the household chemicals used in the manufacturing process can damage the central nervous system, liver and kidneys and burn or irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat.  The chemicals and fumes that permeate the walls, carpets, plaster and wood in meth labs, as well as the surrounding soil, are known to cause cancer, short-term and permanent brain damage and immune and respiratory system problems.


Methamphetamine trafficking and production is dangerous, not only to the user, but to those around the production site.  The reckless practices by untrained clandestine meth lab operators can result in explosions and fires that could injure and kill not only the lab operator and associates, but also innocent bystanders, neighbors, law enforcement officers and firemen who come in contact with a lab.  In addition to the dangers of meth labs, violence between drug dealers adds to the overall threat to any neighborhood or community.


Some meth lab operators experiment with other chemical mixtures, producing unknown toxic and hazardous chemical waste  and fumes that also may cause the deaths of many innocent people.

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Why should I be concerned?
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