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The OWI (Operating A Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated) Program began in 1997 as a response to the number of inmates incarcerated for that crime.  Supervision includes participation in a Driver Safety Assessment, recommended treatment, random alcohol and drug testing, support meetings and attendance at Victim Impact Panels.  The program is designed to promote multiple contacts each week with the offender for support and monitoring.  In 2006 La Crosse County implemented an OWI Treatment Court.  The OWI Program integrates with the OWI Treatment Court.

Victim Impact Panels

Victim Impact Panels began in conjunctions with the OWI Program.  The Victim Impact Panel is designed for people convicted of intoxicated driving offenses.  The purpose is for the offender to listen to the story of someone injured by a drunken driver or a family member of a person who has been killed by a drunken driver.  In listening to the story it is believed the offender will develop empathy and understanding of the damage that can happen, reducing the possibility of another drunk driving offense. Since 2001, the courts have utilized them for all second offense – or higher – drunk driving convictions.


 La Crosse County, Wisconsin

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