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Juvenile Detention Facility | Delinquency Monitoring | Attorney Fees  Alternate Care Placement

If your child is a delinquent, a child in need of protection or services, or is currently receiving any other services of La Crosse County Human Services Department, you as a parent of a minor child, may be charged a fee for those services (rates may be subject to change). 

Juvenile Detention Facility

The cost of juvenile detention is dependent on where a child is placed in the facility:


$165.00 per day


Case Specific


Actual Cost

       Misc. (i.e. Property Damage):

Actual Cost

 Delinquency Monitoring

       Home Detention (Electronic Monitoring):

$5.00 per day

       On-Going Disposition (Electronic Monitoring):

$5.00 per day

Attorney Fees

Attorney fees will be billed to the parent(s) of a child represented by Counsel for delinquent activity:

       Felony Case:

$400.00 (State Public Defender)

       Misdemeanor Case:

$200.00 (State Public Defender)

Parent(s) may hire a private attorney on behalf of their child. Costs are subject to the private attorney acquired. Children under the age of 15 are required to have an attorney for court hearings per Wisconsin State Statute.  

Alternate Care Placement

Parent(s) of children court ordered into Alternate Care Placement such as Foster Care, Treatment Foster Care, Group Home, CCI (Child Caring Institute), and Juvenile Corrections are required to pay Child Support. Parent(s) are also responsible for costs involving Voluntary Alternate Place of a child. 

       Involuntary Placement (Court Ordered):

Child Support Wage Assignment

       Voluntary Placement:

Sliding Fee Scale

La Crosse County Human Services will submit billing to the parent(s) of a child placed in the Juvenile Detention Facility; involved in Delinquency Monitoring; Alternate Care Placement; and other services including but not limited to Mental Health and AODA. Parent(s) will be billed the full fee for services rendered unless other arrangements are made through the Billing Staff in Fiscal Services. A Sliding Fee Scale is available through Fiscal Services upon application and an appointment to review the financial status of a family. Fiscal Services may be reached at 608-785-6125. 

For services in the Juvenile Detention Facility, an annual deductible of $500.00, per child, must be met before the Sliding Fee Scale is applied.


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