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Psychiatric Medication Prescription Services | Nursing Services

 Clinical Therapist And Psychology Services

Psychiatric Medication Prescription Services 

The Integrated Support & Recovery Services Outpatient Mental Health Clinic has staff available to see consumers for evaluation for medication and follow-up.  Consumers must first be seen by one of the Clinical Therapist or AODA staff for an intake (referrals for intake are made through the Aging & Disability Resource Center) to gather information and determine if they might benefit by a referral to a psychiatrist.   New cases are assigned based on availability of open appointments.  Initial assessment is done in a 40 minute time slot, with medication reviews scheduled for 20 minutes.   

If a consumer is in an HMO or has private insurance, it is important to know what agency that insurer will fund services at.  If this is not a covered agency, the consumer will be billed at full-fees.

Nursing Services 

Integrated Support & Recovery Services has two Mental Health Nurses.  The nurses provide support to consumers related to mental and physical health issues.  They assist the Psychiatrists in the administration of medication and provide coordination of related services with the collateral agencies to ensure coordination of care for our consumers.  Evaluation of medication related side effects is very important and we communicate our concerns to the prescribing doctor as needed.   Nursing is involved in the education of consumers and staff in regard to health and medication issues. 

Medication Monitoring and Management are an important part of our services.  Nursing staff work closely with consumers, M.D.’s, and Pharmacies to assist in making medication compliance easier.  We look at each consumers needs in this area to develop a plan that will work best for them.  This can be a wide array of services from once a month pick up at a local pharmacy to daily monitored meds at our agency.  Nursing staff also administer injectable medication as ordered. 

Patient Assistance Program
The Pharmaceutical Companies have set up patient assistance programs to help needy persons in obtaining medications.  This must be accessed through the drug company for each medication.  Each company has a different method for access, but most involve the physician (through designated staff) initiating the request.  If a consumer qualifies for one of these programs it will be necessary to complete the forms provided by the pharmaceutical company that manufactures that medication.  The time lapse between application and receiving the medication varies.  One of the nursing staff receives the medication and the consumer is notified.  Every effort is made to begin therapy with the medication as soon as possible.  Due to regulations that the pharmaceutical companies must follow, medications need to be shipped to the primary work site of the MD.  Therefore, we do not assist consumers who are seeing MDs outside of our agency to obtain meds through these programs.  They are encouraged to discuss the program with their MD and ask for their help to apply.

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Clinical Therapist And Psychologist Services

The psychologist and the clinical therapist spend a considerable amount of time providing individual therapy with consumers of services as they attempt to enhance the quality and satisfaction of their lives.  Common diagnoses that are treated include depression, anxiety, and other disruptions of mood, personality disorders, PTSD and psychotic disorders. 

Consultation is also provided by Integrated Support & Recovery Services to the La Crosse County Correctional Facility.  This includes resident mental health assessment and treatment services.  The clinical therapist is:

Michelle McHenry, MS, LPC


The psychologist provides numerous and diverse services for the county, beginning with psychological assessments.  Assessments usually include clinical interviews, psychological testing, as well as information from other sources.  This information is then integrated together to develop a psychological evaluation.  Psychological evaluations through the county are provided by the court system, for child protective services, as well as internal evaluations referred by other entities for our consumers.  Different evaluations provided through the department include: 

  • Parenting evaluations

  • Evaluations for competency and need for protective placement

  • Evaluations to determine diagnosis

  • Evaluations to help determine current level of intellectual functioning

  • Evaluations to aid in treatment planning

  • Court ordered evaluations

Psychologist also supervises other therapists providing services to consumers, and oversee and supervise the clinical operations for the crisis program through the county.  They also spend considerable time providing consultative services to other county entities, such as: 

  • Western Wisconsin Cares (WWC)

  • The Aging & Disability Resource Center

  • Family and Children’s Services

  • Integrated Support & Recovery Services

Psychologist will also facilitate utilization review (UR) meetings for clinical placement (i.e., hospitalizations, stabilization stays for such facilities as Siena Hall or Hope House) to ensure both clinical and fiscal responsibility for the county and for its consumers of services.  The goal of such meetings is to ensure that clinical services are being provided in a high quality and cost effective manner. 

Currently, there is one Senior Staff Psychologist in Integrated Support & Recovery Services

Joel Rooney, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Director, Crisis Program


Psychiatric Medication Prescription Services | Nursing Services | Clinical Therapist And Psychology Services