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Why Should You Volunteer? 

Volunteering can help you with any and all of the items listed below!

  • Gain work experience.

  • Learn new skills.

  • Test a new career.

  • Improve to community.

  • Get out of the house.

  • Meet new people.

  • Overcome new challenges.

  • Give back what you have gotten.

  • Stay active and involved.

  • Show that you care.

Volunteering can be done as a one-time experience or as a long-term commitment. Please note:  we do not accept court ordered community service volunteer's. 


We encourage you to come out to Hillview to get a tour of our facility.  If you are interested in any of the activities listed below, or have something special to offer, fill out our volunteer application and e-mail it to Kim Haskey our Recreation Therapy Supervisor/Volunteer Coordinator or contact Kim at :  789-4800, ext. 35238;

Monday Friday 8:00-4:30.

The following is a list of services requiring volunteer assistance. The list is to help you in determining your interests and how they may be of help to Hillview and the residents.  Click on schedule to view a general schedule of all the services our volunteers help us to provide.

Direct Resident Services Assisting Staff with Services

Room Visits reminiscing about the past

Writing Letters

Reading Books/Newspaper

Taking Walks

Playing Cards

Polishing Nails

Assisting with Outings

Transporting to Activities

Sharing a Musical or Vocal Talent

Bulletin Boards

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Decorating Christmas Trees

Decorating Halls

Delivering Mail

Maintenance Work

Assisting or Leading Group Activities

Watering Plants



Updated: 03/03/2014

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