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Real Estate Recording Checklist

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Helpful Hints for Completing the Real Estate Transfer Return


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Helpful Hints for Completing the
Real Estate Transfer Return


Place date of conveyance on the deed:

The date of the conveyance must be on the deed because the register of deeds is required to place it on the transfer form. Any deeds or land contracts presented for recording without the date of conveyance will be rejected.


Use appropriate form:

The form PE-500 (R.3-04) should be used for all conveyances unless you are using the E-RETR.  The paper form has a light green background and uses both sides of a standard 8 1/2 x 11" page.

Instructions for filling out the Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return are available through the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. After you click on this, click on forms, then click on real estate transfer & merger/conversion, then click on e-RETR PE-500 and PE-500x, then instructions for either the e-return or the paper form.


Print or type legibly:

The new form will be scanned by an optical character recognition device. Therefore, you must type or print clearly in black ink. Use of all CAPITAL LETTERS is REQUIRED. You may not use white-out or dry line because they flake off easily which would harm the optical character recognition (ocr) device used to read the information on the forms. Use correction tape such as Avery 1/6 inch wide #05101.


No cross-overs:

You may not cross over your errors on the form because the ocr device cannot interpret the information. You may use correction tape such as Avery 1/6 inch wide #05101.


Donít write in blue (or green as of January 1, 2000) area:

Do not write in the blue area even if you run out of space. A script font is not acceptable. Please use clear, simple font. If typing, ignore the boxes and type straight through the vertical lines. If printing, you must keep one letter/number/space per box."  Leave a space between words.


Lot size: Round to whole numbers

For line 47a or 47b, use whole numbers and donít add "plus or minus" (+ or -). This line does not determine your assessed value; it is just a rough approximation. For condos, use the dimensions or approximate acreage (to nearest whole number) of the entire condominium.


Use care when signing

Donít let your signatures drop down into the next white areas because this will make those areas illegible and render the form unacceptable.


Complete entire form (except section X or section V on the new form)

Wisconsin Department of Revenue Transfer Form GUIDELINES.


Consider using a computer program

Info-Pro at 153 S. Macy St., Fond du Lac WI 54935, (920)924-9200, has a computer program that lines up with the new transfer form when used with Microsoft Word or Word Perfect and an HP LaserJet printer. If you obtain a copy, let us know what you think of it.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue


Updated:   04/16/2008                                  

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