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FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions 

This section provides answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about employment with La Crosse County.  Additional information about these topics or other issues may be obtained by contacting the La Crosse County Personnel Department at:

400 Fourth St N, La Crosse WI 5460l
Phone:  (608) 785-9640              Fax:  (608) 789-4887

This page is intended to provide you with general information, and if conflicts exist between this information and La Crosse County Personnel Rules, Benefits, Policies, relevant statutes and collective bargaining agreements, the latter documents will prevail. 

Q:  What kinds of jobs are available with La Crosse County?

A:  La Crosse County employs about 1,350 people.  We provide a broad range of governmental services to the public including health education, health care, long-term nursing care, human/social services, law enforcement, court services, corrections, road maintenance, park maintenance, libraries, zoning/land information, property taxation, child support, and related administrative, financial and clerical services.  Most County offices are located in the three downtown La Crosse Buildings on Fourth Street.  

Q:  How do I find out what jobs are open at La Crosse County?

·         BEST METHOD is to check the internet listing at the County’s website.  All our open positions can be found here.  Clicking on ‘Job Listings’ will show a list of all current vacancies, and will give instructions on how to apply for each position.   We recommend checking this once each week.             




·         Stop at State Job Center-La Crosse and use their computerized JobNet listing.  La Crosse Job Center is on the corner of 8th and Pine Streets.  Their hours are 8:00AM-4:30PM weekdays, and their phone number for inquiries is 608-789-5627. All County vacancies are listed with them.   We recommend checking this source once each week.  (If you live out of town or in another state, you can tie into this information at your local Job Service.) 



·         Stop at the County Personnel Office at the Administrative Center, Room 2190, 400 Fourth St N, in La Crosse. All County vacancies are listed in our display case.  We recommend checking the display case once each week.



·         Call Job Center JobLine at (608) 791-0695.  This is the least preferred method because you must call every weekday to get new listings.  They do not repeat older, current listings.  However, the advantage is that one can call at any hour of the day or night. 



·         Watch the Sunday edition of the La Crosse Tribune for our advertisements.  Please remember that we do not advertise everything in the paper; positions such as janitor, clerical and highway department laborers are not always advertised. 


·         Applications are accepted only when the job vacancy is listed in one of the above places.

·         When the job vacancy is listed, follow the instructions given on our website, call for a mailed packet, or apply at Job Center.

·         You will need to re-apply for each vacancy; we do not keep an active file.

·         No Residency Requirement - In January, 2007, the County requirement that their employees live in the State of Wisconsin was eliminated for most employees.  The exceptions to this are for the County Administrator, Deputy County Administrators, Deputy Sheriffs and other sworn officers. 


Q:  What is important to know about completing the application form?

A:  It is important to be as complete as possible in filing out the form.

·          Be sure to indicate the name of the position you are applying for on the front of the application.  Applications that do not indicate a job class, or those marked “any job” will be rejected.

·         There is a separate application packet for each vacancy.  The packet you request for a specific job cannot be used for other vacancies.

·         All blanks on the application must be filled out completely.  Do not write “see résumé” on the back of the application.  In addition, all blanks on the attachments to the application must be filled in.

·         The County Application for Employment is due back on or before the published deadline.  We do not accept late applications.  The deadline for each position is listed in all job listings and on the JobNet website.  You can access the website by clicking Job Openings on the home page of this site.  A résumé is not a substitute for an application; we will only accept a résumé if it is attached to the application packet.

·         It is advisable to attach a résumé when applying for office and professional positions.

·         Be sure to sign and date the bottom of the form.    

Q:  Where do I submit or turn in my completed application for employment?

A:  You may mail the application or submit it in person to either our office (400 4th Street North in La Crosse) or Job Center (located at the corners of 8th and Pine Streets).  If a mailed application is received after the posted job deadline, it will be rejected.  

Q:  Is there a residency requirement for employment with La Crosse County?

A:  No, In January, 2007, the County requirement that their employees live in the State of Wisconsin was eliminated for most employees.  The exceptions are listed below: 

·           County Administrator - The County Administrator shall be a resident of La Crosse County within six months after date of hire.

·           Deputy County Administrators – The Deputy County Administrators shall become residents of the State of Wisconsin within six months after date of hire.

·           Sheriff’s Deputies and Other Sworn Law Enforcement Officers - Sheriff’s Deputies and other sworn law enforcement officers appointed under authority of s. 59.26(1) Wis. Stats. must be residents of the State of Wisconsin on the day they commence employment 

Q:  What if I am interested in a job that isn’t open for application?

A:  We only accept applications when they are listed on the website or the various other places, and within the application deadline. You must wait until the job is listed. 

 Q:  Should I call to follow up on my application?

A:  We respectfully request that you not call to check the status of your application.  Our office receives thousands of applications each year and we simply don’t have enough staff time to respond to all those types of calls.

Q:  How will I know when the position has been filled?

A:  You will be notified in writing of the results of each recruitment for which you apply. The hiring process could take three to four weeks, or more, so you may not hear for a few weeks.

 Q:  How long do you keep my application on file?

A:  We do not keep an active file.  Your application is good only for the one position.  You must fill out a new application for each vacancy.  

Q:  What benefits does La Crosse County offer to employees?

A:  Please click on the Benefits section of this site for an overview of our benefits.  

Q:  Do I need to take a civil service test to work at La Crosse County?

A:  Civil service-type tests are given for law enforcement positions only (Jailer, Patrol Deputy, Telecommunicator/Radio Dispatcher).  Other positions are filled based on previous related experience.  Skills tests are required for some positions such as clerical positions.  

Q:  Does La Crosse County offer internships?

A:  Yes.  However, internships are unpaid, and are not handled through our Personnel Department.  In order to find placement for an internship, you must contact the department where you wish to do the internship and talk to the supervisor.  For example, if you are looking for an internship in Criminal Justice, you could contact a supervisor in the Sheriff’s Department or the District Attorney’s Office.  

Q:  Does La Crosse County have any summer jobs for students?

A:  The only summer employment the County offers are positions in the mosquito control program in the Health Department.  The positions require some formal training in biology, entomology, health or related sciences at the college level, with skills in taxonomy and that persons be 18 years of age.  These positions will be listed on our website when we are accepting applications.  

Q:  How do I become certified as a nursing assistant?

A:  Certification is required to work as a nursing assistant in our nursing homes.  Persons can become certified by attending approximately three months of classes at a technical college. For more information, contact the technical college at 608-785-9254 in La Crosse.  

Q:  How do I become certified as a social worker?

A:  Certification is required to work in a position using the title “Social Worker.”  This certification is through the State of Wisconsin. Questions regarding certification should be directed to the Department of Regulation and Licensing in Madison at 608-266-2112.  Or for a faster response, send e-mail to web@drl.state.wi.us.  For further information, you may also visit their website www.drl.state.wi.us.


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