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State Contact Information

Adoption In Wisconsin

Questions Relating to Adoption Search- Contact Us

Licensed Adoption Service Agencies in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Division of Children and Family Services


Wis. Dept. of Health & Social Services

Division of Community Services

1 West Wilson Street

P.O. Box 7851

Madison, Wisconsin  53707


Adoption Search Coordinator

P.O. Box 7851

Madison, Wisconsin  53707

(608) 266-7163


JC-1641  Order for Hearing and Investigation (Adoptive Placement/Adoption)

JC-1642  Order for Adoptive Placement

JC-1643  Order for Hearing and Screening (Stepparent Adoption)

JC-1645  Petition for Adoption--Child/Adult

JC-1646  Consent to Adoption

JC-1647  Order for Adoption

Updated:   12/28/2007