La Crosse County, Wisconsin

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MONUMENT RESTORATION AND PROTECTION: The primary focus of the County Surveyor’s Office is to re-establish, maintain and protect the corners of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). These Section and Quarter corners, often referred to as “starting points”, are vital to property ownership rights and affect nearly every property description in La Crosse County. Not only does the County Surveyor protect the physical monument in the ground but also keeps up-to-date records of the corner’s location in the office. In addition to PLSS corners, the County Surveyor also works to preserve and maintain Global Positioning System (GPS) monuments, United States Geological Survey (USGS) monuments and other important geodetic markers. The County Surveyor can assist you in identifying survey markers. To determine the status of a specific corner monument or if you know of a corner location that is endangered, please contact your County Surveyor at 608-785-9626.

PUBLIC RESPONSE: The County Surveyor also stands ready to assist the public and other County Departments with complex land surveying and land ownership questions. One of the most cherished rights we have in a free society is the opportunity to own land. In most instances, your County Surveyor can assist the public in understanding boundary location and land ownership rights. The County Surveyor does not do private property surveys for landowners. These surveys must be done by private professional land surveyors. You may check the internet or look in the telephone book for these surveyors or visit the County Surveyor's Office for a more complete list of surveyors who have performed surveys in La Crosse County. The County Surveyor’s Office is located in Room 3330 of the La Crosse County Administrative Building.

CERTIFIED SURVEY MAPS: Chapter 18 of the La Crosse County Code requires that any newly created parcels of five acres or less be surveyed and shown on a Certified Survey Map. This applies only to the unincorporated areas of the County. Certified Survey Maps are subject to a $100 review fee. In some instances, a bank, title company, buyer, etc. may require a survey. Only a land surveyor registered in Wisconsin can perform a property survey. Sometimes instead of a Certified Survey Map, a Subdivision Plat or a Plat of Survey may be necessary. The definition of these is by statute and code. All are legal property surveys. Often what is required is not only by county ordinance, but also by city, village, or town ordinance. As this varies around La Crosse County, ask the County Surveyor what is required in your location.

COUNTY SURVEYOR RECORDS: The County Surveyor also maintains a permanent record of surveys performed. Many landowners inquire as to whether or not their land was surveyed. This can be answered by searching the County Surveyor Records and other land records in the County Administrative Building. The County Surveyor Records are located in the Zoning, Planning and Land Information Office in Room 3150/3170 on the third floor of the Administrative Center. These records can be searched from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays.

HIGHWAY MAPS: The County Surveyor’s Office houses an impressive collection of road right-of-way maps. These maps illustrate road right-of-way locations and widths. If you have questions regarding highway maps, please contact the County Surveyor.

CONCLUSION: It should be noted that the previous information only covers some basic questions about the County Surveyor Office. For more detailed information call (608)785-9626, or visit Room 3330 in the County Administrative Building, 400 4th St. No., La Crosse. The County Surveyor or his senior engineering aide will be glad to help you.


Updated:   01/16/2013