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TO: Town of Shelby Chairman

Town of Shelby Planning Commission

Town of Shelby Town Board

John Medinger, Mayor, City of La Crosse

City of La Crosse Planning Commission

City of La Crosse Common Council

FROM: Lawrence Kirch, Planning Director, City of La Crosse

REGARDING: Town of Shelby/Southeast La Crosse Area Plan Summary of Public Input Comments

At the urging of residents and Council members in Southeastern La Crosse, The City of La Crosse Planning Department is undertaking the development of an area plan for Southeastern La Crosse and the Town of Shelby. The goals of the planning effort are to create a vision for how the area will handle development in the future and then to create the tools necessary to ensure this vision is successful.

The first phase of the planning process is to develop a master list of the issues and concerns of the residents and property owners in the plan area. Planning staff utilized three methods for obtaining public input on the issues that matter to them. The three methods were: 1) a mail-in public opinion survey; 2) a visual preference survey; and 3) small group discussions at two public meetings.

Included with this memo are a summary of the three public input opportunities the results of the mail-in survey, a summary of the issues discussed at the two public meetings, and the results of the visual preference survey conducted at the public meetings. The next phase of this project is the development of goals, actions, and policies that will comprise the Town of Shelby and Southeastern La Crosse Area Plan. The first draft of this document will be released in January or February of 2005 for public review and comment.

Following this public review, the final Plan will be developed and submitted to the La Crosse Common Council for adoption, and then presented to the Town of Shelby Town Board for consideration and potential adoption.

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